DYSCALCULIA TESTS (difficulties with maths) for all ages - primary, secondary, student or adult in the workplace


                Many of the tests are designed as puzzles 


            An assessment can include any of the following -


1.  A computer screener - about 20 minutes.


2.  Some literacy skills and listening/visual puzzles.


3.  Maths testing - a full comprehensive test which matches the child's or adult's age group.


4.  Maths puzzles to check strengths and weaknesses of maths knowledge. 


Testing can be completed in one or two sitting:


Cost: £600 - this will include the assessment and a formal typed report will be done including recommendations for school, college, workplace and for home.  It will also include recommendations for a specialist maths teacher if needed.  The assessor can help find a maths specialist in your area. 


It can take from 2 to 3 hours (depending upon age) and can be done in 2 sessions depending upon the concentration/attention of the child/student/adult. 


It can be done in my office in Berkshire, or at your home/school/office in the South and London.