Dyslexia Workplace Assessments (and other specific   difficulties such as dyspraxia or dyscalculia). 

Background information is needed with a job description, a list of strenths/weaknesses from the adult to be tested and informal conversation to get lots of work-related background information.

Constructive comments from the supervisor/line manager are useful to get a balanced viewpoint.


The assessment (3 hours) will include verbal/non-verbal ability (IQ tests), literacy tasks, plus listening/visual tests and a hand-eye coordination test. 


Then the typed report will follow national guidelines with a list of strengths and weaknesses for verbal/non-verbal ability, literacy skills (reading, spelling, writing, attention, concentration/memory) and it will list conclusions and recommendations - for a special needs teacher if needed, for work/college/university/home plus a list of reasonable adjustments will be suggested for the employer so the adult can do his or her job more effectively.  COST: £450.00


Please see dyslexia assessment page for more information.