Dyslexia and Dyspraxia tests for adults, secondary school and children - these can be done in my Berkshire office or at your home/college/place of work including London.


Exam testing for Access Arrangments also for school/college/workplace. 


                                 DYSLEXIC SIGNS:

- children who struggle with reading or slow speed of reading

- difficulty remembering what is seen or heard

- poor handwriting or slow speed of handwriting

- difficulty with spelling skills

- organisation

- problems remembering the alphabet/multiplication tables 


                     DYSLEXIA TESTING INCLUDES:

  • underlying ability (or IQ) puzzles.
  • cognitive tests are done - memory skills, phonological awareness (the sounds  we hear which make up words) and speed of information processing. 
  • visual and fine motor skills are tested with drawing puzzles.
  • if the print moves or blurs when reading, you may need a specialist optometrist appointment - advice can be given.
  • The tests and puzzles take around 3 hours but can be done in one sitting as they are mostly puzzles.

Please read below about routes 1 and 2- 

Route 1:  £350  -  assessment with  summary list of test results, conclusions and recommendations given


Route 2:  £450  -  assessment  with  typed report - for schools, colleges and universities and the workplace


DYSPRAXIC signs can be difficulties with -

- reading an analogue clock,

- left/right directionality and general spatial awareness,

- sensitivity to light, noise and sound,

handwriting difficulties - legibility and speed of writing.

speaking too quickly,

- being "clumsy", 

- concentration/memory skills

- organisation problems (forgetting things for school/work, late  handing in work and being late for appointments).


A DYSPRAXIA ASSESSMENT will include many of the things in the dyslexia assessment plus fine motor skills puzzles.   This will also include a more detailed history of fine/gross motor skills background since early childhood.  A couple of questionnaires will need completion - the assessor can help with those.   

COST (assessment and typed report) £475.00



Form 8 testing for GCSEs  A levels and other examintions can be done at your college/adult education centre:  £120 each student.


Dont worry as:

  •  there are a lot of things you can do to help weaknesses.  





a definition of dyslexia......

The  Rose Report (2009)  suggested, "dyslexia primarily affects accurate and fluent word reading and spelling.  Characteristic features of dyslexia are difficulties with phonological awareness (ability to manipulate sounds in words), verbal memory and processing speed.  There is some evidence that dyslexia is associated with difficulties in processing information coming in via the senses, including visual and auditory information." 


If you have dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties, you will need speciific type of help with multi-sensory lessons where all your senses learn to absorb information better.  Then the newly learnt information needs to be kept fresh in working memory using rmemory cards.........