Problems with Maths affecting children, students and adults 


Dyscalculia is a learning difficulty with numbers (as dyslexia is a learning difficulty with language which affects literacy and memory skills).


A child/student/adult might have problems with Maths and numerosity (not understanding the value or worth of numbers) - this can be Dyscalculia.   


A face-to-face assessment will include the results of a dyscalculia screener (games/puzzles on the computer), listening and visual puzzles, a short Maths pen and paper test, some short literacy tasks and mini tasks to test processing speeds. 


Maths testing can also be given to find strengths and weaknesses so a programme can be put together to improve any weak Maths areas. 


A Dyscalculia assessment and typed report for school, home, university/college/the workplace.   Cost:   £620.00


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