All areas considered


  • DYSLEXIA- tests for children, secondary students and adults:

  • Route 1: tests and typed A4 list of results -  £350

  • Route 2: tests and typed report for school/university/in the workplace  -  £450



£450 (Assessment and typed report).  The format of the report follows a national educational one.  It will include conclusions and recommendations for home/workplace/special needs teacher (if needed).



  • DSA REPORT for university/college, Open University and online learning:

  • dyslexia £450

  • dyspraxia/dysgraphia £475



  • Route 1: £375 - Assessment including personal history and A4 list of tabulated test results. 

  • Route 2: £475 - Assessment incl personal history and typed report for home, school, college/university or for the work place. 


  • Dyscalculia - difficulties with maths -

       Route 1: £400 includes assessment and a list

       of A4 test results. 

       Route 2: £475 includes assessment and formal 

       typed report which can be used for school/the 


       After the assessment, help can be given to find a

       specialist maths teacher in your area. 


  • Access Arrangements testing (Form 8) for GCSEs/A levels and other exams at your school/college/adult education centre - £120  per student


  • After assessment advice - free.

             For further information please email:    

        mobile 07540092738