The testing process was thorough but fun. Annette was thoughtful, professional and kind and I could not be happier with her findings. It was well worth the train journey from Merseyside. (dyspraxic assessemnt) Lizzie, April 2024


Thank you Annette - the report is very comprehensive and we both really appreciate your time and professionalism. Lloyd, April 2024


We really appreciate your expert view and feel much more comfortable that we are heading in the right direction to help Ingrid.  She is such a happy little soul and I know she is starting to feel negative towards herself due to struggling with certain aspects of her learning so are keen to put measures in place to help her and build her confidence.    - Grace   January 2024


The dyscalculia assessment you did for me was not as worrying as I thought it would be.   You made it painless as I was anxious over my Maths problems.  The report was professionally done and it is very useful for me now I'm going to university and the DSA will help me with Maths study skills and resources.  Thanks again.  Simon  July 2023


Thank you so much for my report, and all you help.  Greatly appreciated -relieved to know why I struggle.  I will enquire about CBT (thanks for the presentation) and seeing an Occupational Therapist.  Thank you again.  Ian, March 2023


Thank you so much - genuinely dont think I can't thank you enough for such a thorough report and assessment of Sian's needs (Angela - Nov 22)


I cannot recommend Annette highly enough.  Not only did she put my daughter at ease during the testing (which flew by apparently) but her thoroughness before, during and after the testing were second to none.  This was not just a generic assessment but it was totally focussed on H's needs and issues. Annette went out of her way to check she had things right and gain feedback from teachers to ensure the report was as comprehensive as possible (including further avenues to investigate and highlighting other sources which may help H in the future) to give H the tools to fulfil her potential at university.  Thank you Annette.                     Elaine May 2022. 


Firstly thank you for your assurance during and before the DYSPRAXIA assessment. Annette was one of the only people I felt confident to carry out the assessment.  I could have chosen a professional much closer, however, I thought Annette was the best person for me.  The assessment was very thorough using recognized diagnostic tools. The report was in depth.  Thank you, Annette, I would not hesitate to recommend you to those seeking help with DSYPRAXIA and other fields you work in.   Matt June 22


Thank you very much for getting the report over to us so quickly.  It is extremely interesting and very helpful for us going forward.  Ivy's dad feels of lot of familiarity in what you have written and it certainly all makes a lot of sense in relation to what she is struggling with at school.  I am relieved to have your guidance and hopefully we will get some help from the school.   Steph May 22


You made Josh feel very relaxed and he enjoyed the puzzles.  Thank you for your support before and after you sent the typed report dealing with his school who needed help setting up an individual education plan for him.  I'm so glad you were recommended to me.  Sally April 2022


Professional report needed for DSA - made me feel at ease and well written report. - Omar.  Oct 21


I was really pleased with Annette the way she made the process so easy for me with my DSA report for university. Great assessor!   July 2021


Annette has helped our son enormously with finding strengths and weaknesses in his dyslexia profile which will be excellent for his school to put in place the necessary help he needs.   April 2021


Thanks again for coming all this way and doing the dyscalculia assessment. I found you very reassuring when I struggled with maths and for the first time didn’t feel stupid when I couldn’t do it.  Aug 2020


Once again, thank you so much for being so prompt in completing  and forwarding the report so quickly, also for your kind wishes. Best Johan. Apr 2020


I am astounded, amazed and delighted at the depth and thoroughness of your detailed report. I am so grateful to you for your time and delivering this report so promptly to me. We can rest assured now Dillon will receive his extra time and attention he may require at University. Thank you. Julie, March 2020


Annette has been a lovely professional assessor, putting our child at ease and making the assessment interesting and engaging. The report is in depth and outlines our child's needs clearly and highlights areas we were of unaware of. We feel as a family, Annette's assessment has helped us grasp how better to help our child and approach the school with tangible and 
clear evidence for future support. 
Thank you Annette for your work and support.

Sally - January 2020.


Thank you so much! Your report is absolutely brilliant! It is so detailed and yet really clear.... You really have 'hit the nail on the head' with regards to Sarah's learning need and I am so relieved that you have been able to do this for her.

- Sylvia September 2019


What a set of results!! Simon ended up with 10 GCSE  passes or equivalents.  I am convinced/know the extra time you argued for and Simon was eventually awarded was a major factor in reducing the anxiety he experienced in the test situation and allowed him to perform to his true potential. I wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for everything you did for Simon in helping and advising him and finally getting the diagnosis we were so sure he was being disadvantaged by.  It was truly life changing. Thank you. 

- Paul, August 2019


Thank you ever so much for the DSA report! I didn’t expect it to be so detailed and thorough, so this is really wonderful! - Alex - May 2019


At long last my son's needs are being recognised at school. I can’t begin to start to thank you for everything you have done in getting to this point and for the support and insight you have provided. Both Susan and I will be forever grateful. - John - April 2019


Firstly can I just say thank you so much for all the care and attention you gave Suzie yesterday. She was so comfortable with you and you really helped to put her at ease for her test.  Jane - December 2018


You assessed my daughter's learning difficulties and I found your expertise just wonderful in helping us all understand her specific needs, and I am forever in your debt for this - Claire - Nov 2018


We are really grateful for the time and effort you spent with Andrew and in writing the report. It is very thorough and sensitive.  I am so glad we made the decision to come to you! - a parent in October 2018


Mrs Dickens helped me a lot to understand my own brain - my employer paid for a workplace assessment and they have put in place some of the recommendations she made in the report.  These have helped me to do my job and my confidence is much better - thank you again.  David - January 2018


Useful Webpages:

British Dyslexia Association - Information and advice about dyslexia


Patoss (the professional association of teachers of students with specific learning difficulties) - information and advice about dyslexia