Thank you so much! Your report is absolutely brilliant! It is so detailed and yet really clear.... You really have 'hit the nail on the head' with regards to Sarah's learning need and I am so relieved that you have been able to do this for her.

- Sylvia September 2019


What a set of results!! Simon ended up with 10 GCSE  passes or equivalents.  I am convinced/know the extra time you argued for and Simon was eventually awarded was a major factor in reducing the anxiety he experienced in the test situation and allowed him to perform to his true potential. I wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for everything you did for Simon in helping and advising him and finally getting the diagnosis we were so sure he was being disadvantaged by.  It was truly life changing. Thank you. 

- Paul, August 2019


Thank you ever so much for the DSA report! I didn’t expect it to be so detailed and thorough, so this is really wonderful! - Alex - May 2019


At long last my son's needs are being recognised at school. I can’t begin to start to thank you for everything you have done in getting to this point and for the support and insight you have provided. Both Susan and I will be forever grateful. - John - April 2019


Firstly can I just say thank you so much for all the care and attention you gave Suzie yesterday. She was so comfortable with you and you really helped to put her at ease for her test.  Jane - December 2018


You assessed my daughter's learning difficulties and I found your expertise just wonderful in helping us all understand her specific needs, and I am forever in your debt for this - Claire - Nov 2018


We are really grateful for the time and effort you spent with Andrew and in writing the report. It is very thorough and sensitive.  I am so glad we made the decision to come to you! - a parent in October 2018


Mrs Dickens helped me a lot to understand my own brain - my employer paid for a workplace assessment and they have put in place some of the recommendations she made in the report.  These have helped me to do my job and my confidence is much better - thank you again.  David - January 2018


Annette organised a DSA report for me for university - her report was clear and concise - my university was thankful for guidance regarding special needs help.  Simon - May 2017. 


Annette has helped our son with a dyslexia report - his school has now taken some of her recommendations and he receives extra support at school - thanks so much - his confidence has grown - a parent in February 2017.


So thank you very much for your professional and hand holding skills as well as all your encouragement!  


30 year old John said after an assessment,

"I was worried about the tests before I came to see Annette but most of them are like puzzles with a bit of reading writing and spelling but she made me so relaxed I enjoyed all of them.  

John also said after the report had been sent to him,

"The report was written in a way I could easily read.  It has conclusions and recommendations for my workplace and for me at home.  My employer said he would put in place and get me the equipment Annette had suggested in the report.

She is also at the end of a phone or email if I need more help too, which is free - great to know someone has been able to help me."  June 2016


Useful Webpages:

British Dyslexia Association - Information and advice about dyslexia


Patoss (the professional association of teachers of students with specific learning difficulties) - information and advice about dyslexia